Jan Marini Clean Zyme Papaya Cleanser - 4oz. bottle

Jan Marini Clean Zyme Papaya Cleanser - 4oz. bottle
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Product Description

Provides Measurable Improvement in Skin Texture, Clarity and Firmness

Enjoy beautifully refined and glowing skin! Clean Zyme proteolytic enzyme are supplemental home care exfoliation products that have the ability to digest dead skin cells without harming sensitive or irritated tissues. Benefits of other resurfacing agents are dramatically accelerated and desired results are more rapidly obtained with regard to the appearance of skin rejuvenation, acne, hyperpigmentation and scar reduction. Clean Zyme is the definitive home exfoliator as well as an excellent clinical treatment as an adjunct to facial services and other facial procedures.

Clean Zyme offer incredible benefits when used in tandem with a skin care management system.

Users will see an immediate and continuing measurable improvement in skin texture, clarity and firmness. In addition, those who may experience temporary dryness or flaking from glycolic acid, Retin-ATM, or acne medication will find that this annoyance can virtually be eliminated.