Rhonda Allison Day Light Eye Parfait - 0.25 oz

Rhonda Allison Day Light Eye Parfait - 0.25 oz
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Product Description

Benefits Protects eyes throughout the day and minimizes UV damage.

Description: Protects eyes throughout the day and minimizes UV damage. The light reflecting ingredients gives eyes a brightened look while keeping them moist and firm, the natural bleach assists with long term pigmentation concerns, and the essential fatty acids provide healing and soothing benefits. Day Light Eye Parfait reduces swelling in the eye tissue and improves the appearance of fine lines. L-Arbutin high end natural skin lightener. Titanium & Pearlized Minerals sun protection reflects light so that dark circles and lines appear less prominent. Titanium is healing and anti bacterial. Hyaluronic Acid supports moisture retention. Chaste Tree Extract a natural progesterone for moisturizing. Whey Protein firming and nutritional. Borage Oil richest known source of an essential fatty acid, gamma linolenic acid.

Recommended Use: Use daily to decrease pigmentation damage around eyes and to camouflage uneven coloring. Eyes will maintain a firm toned feeling throughout the day as well as retaining a dewy freshness. Also may be used on the lips for added moisture and shimmer effect. For increased moisture add one drop of Drop Of Essence Hydration Drops to each eye before applying Day Light Eye Parfait. When using with a moisturizer or sun block, apply Day Light Eye Parfait last. Make up may be used following application of Day Light Eye Parfait.

Active Ingredients: Water, whey protein, shea butter, hyaluronic acid, starflower oil, meadowfoam oil, cetyl alcohol, glycerin, mica, titanium dioxide, L-arbutin, chaste tree extract, borage oil, jasmine alcohol.