DDF Silky C Serum - 1 fl oz (30 ml)

DDF Silky C Serum - 1 fl oz (30 ml)
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Product Description

A technologically advanced blend of Vitamin-C and Retinol with Phyto-Estrogens, Lutein and DNA precursors to strengthen skin from within. Helps repair essential skin function for increased tone and firmness.

Optimizes Hydration Reinforces Matrix Increases Dermal Vitality Anti-Aging Starts At The Cellular Level. Environmental damage and changes in cellular function deep within the skin produces losses in vitality, tone and firmness. Restorative protocols energize the skin's youthful physiology, aiding in renewal and repair.

DDF's Cleanse, Protect, Treat™ protocols deliver fast-acting, sustained results by strengthening the skin. Trusted medical practices, integrated with cellular and nutritional science, produce formulations that encourage vibrancy, clarity and health by working with the skin's physiology.

Founders, Dr Howard Sobel and Elaine Linker, lead the DDF team of biochemists in research and development to create advanced solutions that correct existing damage and resolve future concerns.

DDF clinical protocols apply targeted approaches to treat individual skin concerns.