Aboca Herbs USA - Active Energy Phytsolution 10 Vials (with Ginseng & Guaranà)

Aboca Herbs USA -  Active Energy Phytsolution 10 Vials (with Ginseng & Guaranà)
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Product Description

All Natural, Adaptogenic, Envigorating Formula to Help Combat Stress and Fatigue.* Great Tasting and Fast Acting in Practical, Preservative-Free Single Dose Vials.

Active Energy is a fast acting revitalizing herbal formula that helps combat stress and fatigue by providing an all natural tonic-stimulant to help support people engaged in an active lifestyle, physical exercise or other stressful conditions.*

Aboca’s unique freeze-dried extract process guarantees standardized high concentration and the maximum absorption of the active components in Asian Ginseng, Eleutherococcus, and Brazilian Guaranà, which are blended to provide a synergic boost of energy that can help overcome fatigue, and increase stamina and endurance.*

Active Energy is a 100% natural, pleasant tasting honey-sweetened, Bilberry flavored product that is packaged in practical, pharmaceutical grade glass single vials to avoid the use of chemical excipients, flavorings or preservatives that are inactive with no nutritional benefits.

DIRECTIONS: Adults take one half to one full vial per day preferably in the morning. The product can be diluted in water or taken directly; once opened, it must be kept in the refrigerator and taken within 72 hours. Shake the vial before use.