Apex Energetics TerrainZyme Adreno-Zyme Z-5 90 tablets

Apex Energetics TerrainZyme Adreno-Zyme Z-5 90 tablets
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Product Description

Terrainzyme Formulas by Apex Energetics This highly advanced enzyme-based nutritional line is designed specifically to fortify the biological terrain. The formulas work together to address the various components of the biological terrain such as pH, mineral balance, enzymatic activity, nutrient absorption etc. While the TerrainMax™ formulas provide co-factors and micro nutrient solutions essential for enzyme production, organ support and drainage, the TerrainZyme™ formulas provide macro nutrients as the building blocks of the Terrain.

Each formula contains key herbal tonifiers, specially prepared bud extracts essential for their growth factors, and enzyme support. This line is designed based on the various clinical urine and saliva tests used in biological testing. The formulas provide broad-based nutritive action which generates a synergistic effect we call Complex synergy which normally incorporates large numbers of ingredients all clinically selected to significantly amplify the intended nutritive action.