Jan Marini Bioglycolic Lightening Gel

Jan Marini Bioglycolic Lightening Gel
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Product Description

For Skin Discoloration and Unevenness

Jan Marini Skin Research Even Tone Lightening Gel is representative of the latest cutting edge technology designed to address skin discoloration and unevenness. Even Tone combines the benefits of glycolic acid with newly researched kojic acid, resulting in a formula that surpasses anything available to date.

Kojic acid is a mushroom derivative that has been successfully used for many years in countries such as Japan. Studies indicate that kojic acid shows greater effectiveness than hydroquinone bleach with less sensitivity, side effects or long-term complications.

Additional research verifies that kojic acid has an antibacterial effect. This is especially helpful when patients are being treated for acne and resultant hyperpigmentation at the same time.

Even Tone is an oil-free, alcohol-free, instantly absorbed preparation that can be used in conjunction with any other medication, moisturizer, sunblock or make-up. Patients will love the smooth silky feel and will be delighted with their rapid progress.

2 oz. tube