Brazilian Waxing Training

Brazilian Waxing Training
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Dannielli Marcelino aka "The Queen Of Waxing" is now offering advanced male and female Brazilian Waxing training for licensed estheticians and cosmetologists! Dannielli is offering group of 10 or more advance Brazilian Wax training and also Individual one on one training.

Dannielli is responsible for bringing the popular Brazilian Wax service to Arizona from her native country of Brazil.

She's considered an innovator in Brazilian Wax and other waxing services in Phoenix, the city she now calls home. Dannielli has been a licensed esthetician and laser technician in Arizona for over 15 years!

This course is for serious waxers. The kind of waxer that clients will travel miles to get to and will book weeks ahead with to ensure that they get an appointment.

Dannielli Marcelino Intimate Waxing classes are not for the squeamish. If you canít touch naked body parts, then please donít enroll for this class. Youíll learn how to remove every single hair from where client wants it gone from... and thatís everywhere!

I have developed my own techniques for Brazilian waxing and I will pass on my knowledge and skills to you. This is waxing to the extreme and no hair is left unwaxed!

What will be covered on the advance Brazilian Waxing Course:

You will learn advanced Brazilians skils

Group of 10 or more. Cost: $400 per person.
Duration: 1 Day, 4 Hours Class.

Individual one on one training. Cost: $1200.
Duration: 1 Day, 4 Hours Class.

After registering, please email Ian Bowmen at, be sure to cc to get a list of Dannielli's next group class schedule and individual one on one training availability.

Certificate: You will received a advance Brazilian Wax Certificate upon completing course

Required: Must be a licensed esthetician and cosmetologist. Qualification in basic waxing.

Models: Students must bring your own models, we recommend bringing 2 to 3 models.

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History of the Waxing Queen: Some girls dream of becoming ballerinas, or movie stars, or fashion designers. But for a young girl from Brazil, her dream was to become a queen--the Queen of Waxing! As a young girl, Dannielli enjoyed her trips to the salons and spas of Brazil with her mother. Although she was impressed with the hair stylists and make-up artists she met, it was the waxers of Brazil that really peaked her interest in the beauty industry. She made Brazilian waxing intriguing and popular (through her constant appearances on TV, dailies, and magazines), and made fervent "believers" out of the "doubters." Her clients constantly praise her for her friendliness, professionalism and her passion for her craft.