CELLFOOD DNA • RNA Regeneration Formula

CELLFOOD DNA • RNA Regeneration Formula
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Product Description

CELLFOOD DNA • RNA - What is it? CELLFOOD DNA • RNA is the world’s first cellular regenerating formula combining nucleic acid bases (the essential building block on DNA and RNA), Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP - the master energy molecule), methyl groups (regulators and programmers of the aging process), and Cellfood.

Anti-aging - Clinical research indicates that biological aging is regulated and programmed by the gradual loss of specific DNA markers known as methyl groups. At the age of 25, most of us have already lost 10% of our DNA methyl groups. When there is a 40% loss, degenerative death typically occurs. Longevity studies have shown that no single therapeutic method has increased lifespan more than nucleic acid (DNA RNA) supplementation. CELLFOOD DNA • RNA provides the most important nutrient factors for improving DNA methylation, which slows or stops the loss of methyl groups.

The H factor - Homocysteine is a toxic amino acid byproduct that accumulates in the bloodstream and tends to block arterial pathways. High levels of homocysteine may be an indicator of cardiac risk and has been linked to many diseases. A major double blind, placebo controlled study was recently conducted to study the effects of the methylation cofactors found in CELLFOOD DNA • RNA on homocysteine reduction and other important metabolic factors. The CELLFOOD DNA • RNA components (which also include Trimethylglycine) were shown to significantly reduce homocysteine levels by up to 44% - indicating an enhanced ability to protect and repair critical DNA and lower cardiac risk.

ATP - CELLFOOD DNA • RNA provides one of the most important nucleic acid derivatives to the human body, adenosine triphosphate. ATP is considered the master energy molecule and the fuel for cellular function. When a glucose molecule breaks down without oxygen it delivers only 2 molecules of ATP, wasting almost 95% of the potential energy. When combined with the oxygen from CELLFOOD, each glucose molecule delivers a full 36 molecules of ATP. The end result is a dramatic increase in cellular energy.

Finally, CELLFOOD DNA • RNA utilizes another unique and advanced technology known as Photo Acoustic Resonance. This patented laser technology process pre-treats and tunes each individual nutrient by reshaping distorted molecule structures so that they can be more easily absorbed and assimilated by cell receptors.

Caution – Individuals diagnosed with gout should consult with their professional health care practitioner prior to using CELLFOOD DNA • RNA.