The Champ

The Champ
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Product Description

Buff, brawny, and without a sound, this powerhouse of pleasure delivers the best pitter-patter vibes we've ever felt!

Instead of the traditional intense buzz that most vibrators produce, he's a thumper. He shudders and trembles away - and with hardly any noise at all!

But just because he's whisper-quiet don't think he's whisper soft. Oh, no. He starts at a medium tempo and goes up to a full-throttle quake with a simple twist of the dial at his base!

He's small and portable with an easy to use scroll at his base, so with a flick of your thumb, you're rocking from a hum to a shudder. How fast you get there is entirely up to you.

Batteries Included.

Maintenance & Care: We suggest Nice Girls Play Clean Toy Cleaner