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Digestive Health NOW
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Conventional medicine, while excellent for those in acute crisis, does little to help the over 60 million Americans who have chronic digestive problems. Digestive Health NOW was written by Andrew Gaeddert, herbalist, author, and former digestive patient who conquered Chron's disease and IBS. It is a drug-free approach to helping you learn nature's healing strategies. Digestive Health NOW provides a meal plan, recipes, and stress-relieving techniques based on ancient wisdom and the latest scientific discoveries. Included are real life success stories of people who have been able to reduce or eliminate medication, and achieve an understanding of what causes symptoms and how to prevent them from recurring. These techniques have helped thousands of people in Mr. Gaeddert's professional practice. Now you can put them into action in the comfort of your own home. "Your book gave me the perfect guide to what I could and couldn't eat. I did the Digestive Clearing Diet and I felt more energetic than I have in ten years." -Alan Newman, Fort Lauderdale, FL Author: Andrew Gaeddert

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Introduction: You Are Not Alone Chapter 1: You Can Heal Chapter 2: Program Overview Chapter 3: Deciding to Commit to the Program Chapter 4: Getting Started Chapter 5: Digestive Recipes Chapter 6: Tough Responders Chapter 7: Frequently Asked Questions Appendix A: Obstacles to Health Appendix B: How to Reduce Fat Intake Appendix C: Digestion - Friendly Grains Appendix D: Food Families Appendix E: Resources Bibliography