Gunilla of Sweden Lerosett Clay Mask - 2.5 oz

Gunilla of Sweden Lerosett Clay Mask - 2.5 oz
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LEROSETT® by Gunilla of Sweden® pronounced "Leer O' Set" is a professional skin care product for problem & oily skin that's been a favorite for dermatologists and estheticians for over 23 years. LEROSETT® is only sold through licensed skin care professionals. Millions have clear skin today because of LEROSETT®. U.S. Patent and Trade Mark #1,504,494- 100% Natural Origin - Oil-Free Why you need it: LEROSETT® Clay Pulls out the bad stuff and leaves the good while infusing the minerals your skin needs, without the added chemicals. Oil production and bacteria play a part but pimples are really all about clogs. LEROSETT® is a proprietarily treated all natural clay that's proven extremely effective at removing clog's like dead skin cells, oil, impurities, toxins and problem skin (pimples, blemishes and blackheads) while healing redness and swelling. LEROSETT® cuts oil production minimizing the return of problem skin. The longer you use LEROSETT®, the healthier, softer, less oily and clearer your skin will become. For best results use in conjunction with the LEROSETT® Clear Skin Moisturizer. Primary benefits for problem skin: 1. LEROSETT® is a proprietary clay that is left on to dry and work for 10-15 minutes; it goes far deeper into follicles absorbing more oil, dead skin cells and toxins than any cleanser can. You'll know it's working within the 1st application. 2. A strong natural ionic charge within LEROSETT® Clay attracts positively charged impurities/toxins and ignores negatively charged nutrients. Blood circulation is also increased, speeding healing. 3. LEROSETT® is loaded with natural minerals that minimize redness and swelling while fighting bacteria. Minerals, like zinc, are proven to regulate sebum oil production minimizing further breakouts. Zinc also accelerates the healing of damaged skin. 4. No More Scars: After a pimple has erupted or been extracted, LEROSETT® will help close that opening minimize potential scarring. Not Just for Pimples: 10 Amazing Ways to Use LEROSETT® 1. Prevent Ingrown Hairs: Much like a pimple, the clay prevents ingrown hair. "Spot Treat and Thin Layer on Area" 2. Prevent Oily Skin: Significantly minimize oil (sebum) production by infusing multiple natural minerals like Zinc, "Apply Mask" 3. Minimize Pore Size for Smoother Skin: Significantly minimize pore size creating smoother younger looking skin. "Apply Mask" 4. Fully Detox & Minimize Fine Lines: Deep clean, removing imbedded impurities for healthier younger looking skin. "Apply Mask" 5. Prevent Razor Burn: Prevent the effects of razor burn when applied post and pre-shaving (men and women). "Thin Layer on Area" 6. Better Waxing Results: Prevent redness, pain and swelling when applied pre and post waxing. “Thin Layer on Area" 7. Cleansing: Use clay as a wash cream and mild exfoliate. Squeeze out one inch of clay, rub into face and remove with water as you would a cleanser. 8. Bug Bites: Pulls toxins to the surface while minimizing itching, redness and swelling as well as potential scarring. "Spot treat" 9. Rash: Many types of rashes will benefit from detox and mineral infusion from clay. "Thin Layer on Area" 10. Multiple Skin Conditions: Many skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema and many more can safely benefit from the clay's detoxing effect, mineral infusion with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. "Thin Layer on Area" LEROSETT® Main Page, FAQ and Much More~Click here LEROSETT® 3-Part Organic Acne System~Click here~$69