Gunilla of Sweden Lerosett Moisture Matte 2 oz

Gunilla of Sweden Lerosett Moisture Matte 2 oz
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Product Description

Gunilla of Sweden Lerosett Moisture Matte Size is 2 oz Formulated for all skin types. A perfect solution even for skin that tends to be oily and acne prone. With an exclusive blend on ingredients. Lerosett Moisture Matte brings vital moisture to the skin. This light delicate non clogging formula has a soothing base of Aloe Vera, it self extremely rich in many vitamins, minerals and amino acids, providing nutritional benefits to the skin.

Additional botanical plant extracts of: Wood Malow, Ivy, Parietary, Cucumber, Elder Tree and Arnica are noted for their astringent qualities, soothing and hydrating performance.

Other important humectant skin conditioning agents with ability to absorb water from the air is Sorbitol (obtained from the leaves of Mountain Ash). Sodium PCA (amino acid) a natural moisturizing factor that dramatically increases skins ability to retain moisture. Pro vitamin B (dl Panthenol) holds water and aids in tissue repair. Lerosett Moisture Matte is the ultimate hydrator with a matte finis that works in harmony with Lerosett Clay Mask to achieve a smooth clear skin and refined pores.

Directions for Gunilla of Sweden Lerosett Moisture Matte:

Use every day, morning an night, on a regular basis. Remarkably effective to rehydrate the skin after treatment with Gunilla of Sweden Lerosett Clay Mask, Excellent also to use in conjunction with Gunilla of Sweden AKTA Cell Rejuvenator and under makeup.