Health Concerns Astra Essence

Health Concerns Astra Essence
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Product Description

Therapeutic Actions Treats degenerative conditions and deterioration of brain function, virtigo, hearing loss, dizziness and, loss of memory, Strengthensthe immune system and speeds recovery from llness, especially useful in chemo and radiotherapies, May be used in tonic for infertility or impotence, Excellent overal tonic, Reduces frequent urination, and hair loss, Used to balance blood glucose in diabetes

Tonifies Kidney essence, Tonifies Kidney Yin and Yang, Tonifies Qi and blood

Indications Chinese Therapeutic Actions: Tonify Kidney Essence, Yin and Yang

Ingredients Astragalus root and seed (Huang Qi and Sha Yuan Ji Zi), Ligustrum (Nu Zhen Zi),Hoshouwu (He Shou Wu), Lycium fruit (Gou Qi Zi),

Ingredients Rehmannia (Shu Di Huang), Eucommia (Du Zhong), Cuscuta (Tu Si Zi), Ginseng (Ren Shen), Tang kuei (Dang Gui),Cornus (Shan Zhu Yu)