Health Concerns Source Qi - 270 Tablets

Health Concerns Source Qi - 270 Tablets
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Diarrhea accompanied by sinking of Source Qi, extreme dificiency of the spleen/ sotmach, prolapse of the anus, loss of appetite, food not being digested, fluids not being absorbed and " passing straight through" extreme thirst, insufficient fluids, weight loss and wasting of the limbs, fever and chills Source Qi, may be taken for any type of chronic deficiency- cold diarrhea for wich stomacy/spleen injury is present . THis formula wes developed based on the treatment of cryptosporidiosis, a parasitic disease affecting AIDS patients, and which typcallly cause watery diarrhea, fatigue , loos of weight , and poor appetite. However, th efromula may be used for ohter deficiency - cold chronic diarrhea conditions, such as those associated with Chron's disease, other parasite infestations , or chronic vieral or bacterial infections