Health Concerns Xanthium Relieve Surface

Health Concerns Xanthium Relieve Surface
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Product Description

Therapeutic Actions Treats allergic reactions-allegic rhinitis, sinus congestion (sytuffy nose), sinus head aches, chronic muscle aching, treats various itching rashes-dermatitis, hives, poisin oak, psoriasis, eczema, Treats stuffy of runny nose assoiciated with common cold or flu with wind heat signs.

Clears surface wind-heat, opens nasal passages, cools heat and dispels wind-dampness, removes toxins.

Indications Chinese Therapeutic Actions: Cool Heat, Dispel Dampness, Open Nasal Passages

Ingredients Xanthium (Cang Er Zi), Chrysanthemum (Ju Hua), Astragalus (Huang Qi), Ligusticum (Chuan Xiong), Schizonepeta (Jing Jie), Phellodendron (Huang Bai),

Ingredients Siler (Fang Feng), Angelica (Bai Zhi), Rehmannia (Shu Di Huang), Mume (Wu Me), Platycodon (Jie Geng), Asarum (Xi Xin), Anemarrhena (Zhi Mu), Licorice (Gan Cao)