Jan Marini Factor A Eyes For Dark Circles

Jan Marini Factor A Eyes For Dark Circles
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Product Description

description for Jan Marini Factor A Eyes For Dark Circles Finally a solution for dark circles! Factor A Eyes is a medically researched and tested formulation that dramatically addresses the combination of these contributing factors be utilizing both Vitamin K, Retinol and a number of supporting agents in a highly stabilized polymeric controlled release system. Vitamin K has been shown in clinical studies to assist in decreasing pigment and repairing blood vessels. Retinoids (such as stabilized Retinol) have historically been proven to decrease the appearance of lines and wrinkles, reorganize collagen and assist in preventing the deposit of pigment in the epidermis.

Under eye darkness can be a combination of different factors. These factors can include:

Thinner skin on the lower eyelids allowing pigment and vessels to be more visible. Gravity which causes under eyelid skin to move downward, initiating more stretching and thinning. This allows the blood vessels and pigment to become more noticeable. Cumulative sun damage plays a significant role. Sun damage exacerbates these characteristics by increasing skin thinning and melanin content. Inflammation.