Jan Marini Hydro Silk Protecting Hydrator

Jan Marini Hydro Silk Protecting Hydrator
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Product Description

What it is: Get skin that is as smooth and desirable as silk.

What it's used for: Hydro Silk Protecting Hydrator combines outstanding antioxidant benefits with an additional new technology called ''Cellular Membrane Engineering'' that helps aging cells to behave like young cells. This process aids in the production of collagen and elastin, among other essential activities, leaving the skin firmer and softer. Hydro Silk Protecting Hydrator is scientifically formulated with a series of phospholipids that mimic those found in the skin, helping to restore the cells' flexibility and create the optimum balance of maximum cell efficiency.

Hydro Silk acts as a free radical scavenger, preventing lipid peroxidation, protein oxidant and sun damage while water-attracting agents dramatically increase the skin's moisture levels. Its amazing self-regulating quality controls absorption so that, depending on climate and skin type, your skin will only absorb what it requires, leaving a velvety soft finish.