Jan Marini Transformation Eye Cream

Jan Marini Transformation Eye Cream
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Product Description

description for Jan Marini Transformation Eye Cream Jan Marini Skin Research Transformation Eye Cream utilizes TGF Beta-1 (transforming growth factor) technology to benefit the thinner, more age-prone eye area to dramatically lessen the visible signs of aging.

Transformation Eye Cream is a highly emollient formulation that provides unique lubrication and hydrating factors that actually bond to the area surrounding the eyes. This bonding action enables the thinner eye area skin to more easily and flexibly cope with movement and environmental exposure.

Jan Marini Skin Research has also incorporated our newly pioneered liposome delivery system. Our micronized liposome technology is thousands of times smaller than conventional systems. So small, in fact, that each carrier bead is 1/20th the size of a red blood cell! Even more dynamic, our new liposome structure is in a time released format, so that the essential components of the Eye Cream are targeted continuously and precisely over periods of time.


For all skin types. Dramatically benefits the thinner age-prone eye area. Unique lubricating and hydrating factors enable delicate skin to cope with movement and environmental exposure. Newly pioneered timed release micronized delivery system delivers key ingredients over extended periods of time. Compatible with Glycolic Acid products, Retin-A, topical medications, moisturizers and makeup.