Anti-Aging LED Light Therapy Mask

Anti-Aging LED Light Therapy Mask
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Product Description

Nestled in celebrity facialist Dannielli's state-of-the-art Phoenix's Biltmore/Arcadia Med Spa is an arsenal of products to create smooth, flawless-looking skin. Her most desired tool, however, is the Anti-Aging Mask, a Korean-designed LED contraption resembling Jason Voorhees's white hockey mask from Friday the 13th. The mask, which she uses regularly as part of her customized facials, not only prevents aging, erases fine lines, an improves skin tone but also is "life-changing," she says.

How LED Light Therapy Works So why is the Anti-Aging Mask which Dannielli discovered, creating such a buzz? At-home LED (light-emitting diode) treatments sends specific wavelengths of light energy (painlessly) into the skin's deeper layers. Red light stimulates collagen and elastin production, which leads to plumped wrinkles and firmer skin; blue light kills the bacteria that contributes to acne. The Anti-Aging Mask has both red and blue lights, and they can be turned on simultaneously. In addition, a third, near-infrared light promotes circulation and scar healing.

It has a unique ability to work on a wide range of therapeutic treatments helping to enhance the natural healing processes of our body.

LED light therapy mask is designed to fight specific skin issues and imperfections from reducing acne breakouts to anti-aging.

It combines the comfort of a facial mask with the advantages of LED light therapy.

led mask blueRed Light
stimulates the production of collagen which is essential for rejuvenation of damaged or old tissue

reduces fine lines
lessens the development of large pores

Blue Light
kills bacteria that cause spots
provides calming effect
ideal for hyper-sensitive skin
led mask greenGreen Light
balances pigment color
reduces fine lines
ideal for nutrients that fight aging skin
speeds up healing process of wounds
lightens scars