Light Energy Light Pad

Light Energy Light Pad
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Product Description

This is our new largest Photo Therapy unit with 23 LEDs that provide maximum surface coverage and penetration in the shortest possible time. It is designed to be applied to any area of your body without holding it with your hands. Velcro connectors or optional tie-strap connectors hold it in place, thereby freeing up your hands for other use. Its shape has earned it the nickname of a "large band-aid for the body."

It has a digital control unit (DCU) that attaches to the back of the Light Pad. The DCU contains a On/Off switch and a Operation Mode switch with a solid setting and two pulse settings (slow pulse - 266 cycle per second and fast pulse - 17,028 cycles per second).

It is powered by a 6 volt AC/DC electrical adaptor that plugs into any regular 110V electrical outlet. The LED surface area is 9 inches by 5 inches. The LEDs are configured using a special geometric pattern, which allows the light energy to effectively penetrate up to 8 inches deep.

The Light Pad can also be held in your hand, rather than attached to your body, whenever you desire to apply it in this manner. The wings of the Light Pad can be folded up behind the LEDs, providing you with a nice compartment in which to insert your hand.