Light Energy Thermo Therapy Unit

Light Energy Thermo Therapy Unit
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Product Description

The Thermo Therapy unit is manufactured in Switzerland. It is fully portable and runs off a 6-volt rechargeable battery (included).

Suggested treatment is one thirty-minute session per day 4 days a week. Definite results are usually noticeable within the first couple of weeks and improvement continues with usage.

The unit has a one-year warranty. It comes with Instruction Manual, Helpful Hints document, and related articles and research papers.

Studies have shown hemorrhoids to be one of the most common and annoying proctologic disorders, effecting men and women in equal proportion.

This is typically an embarrassing problem. It is frequently not discussed with doctors and is often accompanied by attempts to self-treat.

Thermo-therapy (hyperthermia) is believed to be the safest self-treatment available, as more than 10,000 applications representing 4,000 treatment hours under physician and nurse care showed effective results and no side effects.

In the majority of patients, the use of Thermo-therapy eliminated the need for ointments, suppositories, pharmaceutical agents or surgery.