Louise Galvin Sacred Locks Mother to Be Conditioner

Louise Galvin Sacred Locks Mother to Be Conditioner
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Product Description

Safe + Nourishing for all mothers and baby too!

The fragrance free line for mothers to be is so gentle, its safe for baby too. The line was created after Louise found when she was pregnant her hair needed a little extra help to retain shine and vitality and create volume. She also found that she was far more sensitive to smells and the citrus aromatherapy oils in her other products were sometimes overpowering in the early days of her pregnancy. Pre-biotic formulation helps calcium retention and promotes scalp health, essential in pregnancy. In her research she discovered an incredible new, luxury ingredient Ximenia Oil, also known as Seaside Plum, a rich oil that works like a natural silicone to smooth the cuticle and add moisture without weighing the hair down or causing build up. This delicious ingredient originates from the African Savannah and has for centuries been used by pregnant women to restore natural lustre and gloss.

No sodium lauryl sulphates, propylene, glycol, silicones, artificial perfume or preservatives.