PCA Skin Lip Renewal Solution Kit (5 piece)

PCA Skin Lip Renewal Solution Kit  (5 piece)
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Product Description

The Lip Renewal Solution Kit includes: Gentle Exfoliant (1 oz.) - A light, creamy cleansing scrub that exfoliates and polishes the skin, revitalizing a dull complexion. Formulated with smooth beads in a creamy base, this exfoliating scrub is ideal for all skin types. Rejuvenating Serum (0.25 oz.) - Contains epidermal growth factors to help stimulate cell division and proliferation, leading to faster wound healing and overall healthier skin. InVitrolon adds vitamins, amino acids, growth factors and osmoprotectants, which helps protect the cells from water loss, keeping the skin firmer, smoother and healthier. Silkcoat Balm (0.25 oz.) - Formulated to calm, soothe and moisturize extremely dry or damaged skin, as well as skin recovering from laser treatments, chemical peels and dermabrasion. This soothing balm is ideal for use as a nighttime treatment for dry and mature skin, and skin that has been damaged by harsh, cold climates. Peptide Lip Therapy (0.3 oz.) - Helps improve the overall health and appearance of your lips with a scientifically advanced formula of peptides and amino acids. This effective blend helps build collagen for fuller lips, defend against free radicals, and encourages moisture retention for softer, smoother lips. PCA Skin travel bag - This bag is ideal for storing your PCA skin products for travel or storage. It measures 6.5 inches wide, 2 inches deep and 4.5 inches high.