Phytobase Chocollissima with amazonian aphrodisiacs

Phytobase Chocollissima with amazonian aphrodisiacs
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Product Description

Phytobase Chocollissima with amazonian aphrodisiacs. An irresistible aphrodisiac organic dark chocolate formulated especially for women Life’s little pleasures just got even more tempting!

Discover a delicious escape from the daily grind with Chocollissima, a fabulous new dark chocolate indulgence that tastes wonderful, and contains ingredients that are known to increases your libido, boost energy levels, and reduce stress.

This high-quality, organic, dark chocolate treat provides a natural source of energy—no caffeine has been added. As you savor each satisfying morsel, your mood naturally lightens and stress levels decrease. You enjoy wonderful feelings of well-being and total chocolate satisfaction. And if that’s not enough, Chocollissima naturally increases the libido; it’s the first uninhibited chocolate!

Hidden within each bite-size piece of pure, organic dark chocolate, awaits a blend of six indigenous Amazonian aphrodisiacs—and taking the top spot among them is an exotic fruit called Borojoa.

Borojoa is a highly-energetic and nutritious fruit grown in the Amazon well known for its aphrodisiac and energy-enhancing qualities. Locals call it “the natural Viagra". This seductive offering is one of the only products available in the United States that contains this exciting, new-to-you ingredient. Handle all that life demands of you with Chocollissima—for the beautiful woman in you!