Relax & Wax Get the Bump Outta Here! (4oz)

Relax & Wax Get the Bump Outta Here! (4oz)
Item# Relax-and-Wax-Get-the-Bump-Outta-Here
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Product Description

Get the Bump Outta Here is a treatment for ingrown hairs, and it helps with bumps as well. Formulated for sensitive skin, it is highly effective, yet gentle on the skin. Does not burn or irritate. Provides soothing and cooling relief. Helps prevent ingrown hair, wax and razor rash, skin irritation, and bumping associated with hair removal (i.e., waxing, tweezing, shaving, sugaring, and electrolysis). Itís packaged as an easy-to-use 4 oz. roll on. It wonít end up on the hands, in the eyes, or somewhere you donít want it to be, and it canít spill. Since there is no waste, it will also last about twice as long Directions: Should be applied 2-3 times daily prior to first hair removal and then once a day thereafter to maintain clear skin. A safe, soothing, and effective exfoliant formulated for sensitive skin. For more severe conditions, may be used twice a day.

Active ingredients: Propylene Glycol (a humectant), Salicylic Acid reduces follicle blockage, antiseptic), Glycolic Acid (helps slough dead skin cells), Lactic Acid (an exfoliant), Menthol (cooling agent), Acetic Acid (disinfecting properties), and Camphor (cooling agent).

Cautions: For external use only. Do not use if allergic to aspirin.