Rhonda Alison Impure Skin Mask - 1.7oz

Rhonda Alison Impure Skin Mask - 1.7oz
Item# Rhonda-Alison-Impure-Skin-Mask
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Anti-bacterial, antiseptic, and oil absorbing; improves appearance of enlarged pores. Resorcinol Antiseptic, anti-itching, & exfoliating. Sulfur Antiseptic, healing, & drying. Titanium Dioxide Healing & anti bacterial. Bentonite Colloidal mineral clay that stabilizes ingredients and has an absorbing effect on oils.

Recommended Use: This is a weekly home care mask for acne prone, impure, oily skin that attacks blemishes and balances excess sebum. Cleanse skin with Glycolic Herbal Wash Cleanser and/or Pumice Wash. Rinse skin completely. Depending on the severity of the problem and the sensitivity of the skin, apply a liberal amount of Fruit Acid Botanical to skin with gauze before spreading on Impurity Skin Mask may be spread directly on skin by itself (these are two options). The mask may have a mild stinging sensation when first applied but will subside within a few minutes. Remove mask with tepid water and a soft cloth in 15 minutes. Thicker, coarser skins have preferred to leave on overnight and remove in the a.m. Impurity Skin Mask is a beneficial part of an acne program and may be used twice a week if appropriate. Discontinue use if irritation or burning continues.

Active Ingredients: Distilled water, witch hazel, sulfur, resorcinol, titanium dioxide, and bentonite.

This highly effective sulfur mask has the capability to loosen sebaceous matter and draw infection from papules and pustules. Beta Refine Mask is ideal for balancing oil and dissolving congested lipids in the skin while the clay base tightens and tones and supports the healing of acne lesions, smoothing coarse texture and refining pores; contains anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antifungal properties.