Rhonda Allison Aqua Spritz - 4.0 oz

Rhonda Allison Aqua Spritz - 4.0 oz
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Product Description

4oz Product Natural humectant, freshening, and hydrating. Aqua Spritz is an all-natural face and body spray that gives the skin a drink of water. The combination of heavy water (yes there actually is such a thing), taken from seawater - the density is much greater, PCA, a moisture binding ingredient, and grape seed extract, a natural antioxidant, provide the skin with the much needed moisture content that is lost daily. The balm mint offers a freshening sensation and pleasant aroma.

Recommended Use: Spray skin with Aqua Spritz after a thorough cleansing for added moisture and then apply the appropriate moisturizer, protection and foundation. Spray the skin after make up application to give skin a moist dewy appearance. Keep in the refrigerator for a cool splash after activities and carry on the airplane to replace lost hydration. Men love the freshening effects after shaving.

Active Ingredients: D20, Arginine PCA, Grape Seed Extract, & Balm Mint.