Rhonda Allison Organic "A" Complex - 0.5oz

Rhonda Allison Organic "A" Complex - 0.5oz
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Gentle rejuvenation for all skin types. Anti-aging, antibacterial, antioxidant and cellular repair.

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Active Ingredients: Water, witch hazel, ethanol, glycerin, L-arginine, L-mandelic acid, phytic acid, pyruvic acid, citric acid, methylcellulose. Arginine (L-) - One of the 20 main amino acids and present in most proteins, arginine seems to accelerate wound healing, promotes collagen synthesis and increases skin elasticity. Mandelic Acid (5%) AKA alpha-hydroxy-benzeneacetic acid, is found in almonds (mandels in German). Its pH is 3.41, not as acid as pyruvic acid but strong enough for a good peel. It has long been used as an antiseptic because of its antibacterial activity. Some studies suggest that it could be beneficial in the treatment of skin problems such as photo aging, irregular pigmentation, and acne. Pyruvic Acid produced from dry distillation of racemic acid, originally derived from grapes - not an alpha hydroxy acid but a keto-acid (pH of 2.65, this is a relatively potent acid, that metabolizes rapidly after working hard in a peel) because it is part of the Krebs cycle of respiration. Phytic Acid - This great natural antioxidant, extracted from cereals such as wheat and rice, has a powerful chelating effect on iron, which when free can break havoc on cells. The natural acidity of phytic acid makes it a perfect addition to peels, where it will provide the necessary acidity, while at the same time preventing the formation of damaging radicals that follows cell disruption caused by the peel.