Rhonda Satin Peptide Serum

Rhonda Satin Peptide Serum
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Product Description

With a new mitochondria formulation driven by a special nano-complex for quick delivery into the skin, Satin Peptide is a potent blend of active “age-defying” peptides, hydrators, and antioxidants for serious age management. Containing a unique sequence of peptides (amino acids) and biomimetic peptides, the proteins in Satin Peptide send a signal within the skin structure to make more protein (collagen) - resulting in firmer, thicker skin to lessen wrinkling and photo-damage. The advantage of this formula is the added strengthening benefits of soybean proteins and resveratrol - active hydrators and antioxidants that provide potent age-reducing support to aid with the repair of free radical damage.

All Skin Types - Ph
oto-Damaged, Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Hyper-pigmented
Cleanse skin thoroughly and apply 2-3 drops of serum to skin day and night. Let absorb completely. May be used under other moisturizers and growth factor preparations.