BodyLift Wrap

BodyLift Wrap
Item# Slimming-Body-Wrap

Product Description

When we say "lift," we mean, BODY LIFT. Suddenly Slimmer Med Spa has made their popular slimming detoxifying body wraps even more effective and powerful. Using rich minerals and enzymes, particularly lipase, this improved slimming body wrap gives one the feeling and look of an instant body lift by tightening sagging skin, lessening the appearance of cellulite, and just giving the skin an instant healthy glow.

It's the body that everyone wants for the summer months but didn't have the time to work on it during the colder season. This is the slimming body wrap that stars and celebrate ask for before high-profile red carpet events! ..and this is the slimming body wrap that everyone will want for the holiday season before they put on those beautiful holiday party dresses, or more skin-revealing outfits.

Lose 6-30 inches all over the body, as with any inch loss detoxification process, individual results may vary.