Suddenly Slender-Mineral Magic Plus 32oz

Suddenly Slender-Mineral Magic Plus 32oz
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Product Description

MINERAL MAGIC™ contains 75 minerals and 18 amino acids, enzymes and scores of natural ingredients. Use of Mineral Magic keeps the body replenished and allows visual slimming to occur quickly and safely.

The human body just does not respond well to our efforts to slim down and lose weight unless its mineral requirements have been met.

Often, gaps in the mineral balance, brought on by inadequate diets, results in cravings which promote overeating and reduce our sense of well-being.

Through research and testing we know MINERAL MAGIC™ contains the best balance of minerals of any supplement on the market. Minerals not only support the organism, they actually promote disease resistance. Bodies of any age respond beautifully to MINERAL MAGIC™ .


Formula contains every essential element, vitamin and trace mineral, perfectly balanced, needed by the body for its health, maintenance and survival. Supports the immune system. Potent antioxidant properties reduce free-radical damage and reduce appearance of wrinkles. Resists side effects of alcohol, tobacco, drugs and environmental pollutants.