Talika Hand Ritual Kit

Talika Hand Ritual Kit
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Product Description

What it is: Renew hands with this healing kit.

What it's used for: Talika's Hand Ritual Kit is comprised of the renewing pair of Gomme Age Hand Ritual Scrub (75 g), a brightening and renewing scrub; and Hand Ritual Serum (50 g), an anti-aging formula designed to eliminate the visibility of age spots and wrinkles. Each formula stimulates skin with a unique blend of active ingredients. Gomme Age's age-defying composition contains salt and sugar crystals, which, combined with apricot kernel oil, have an exfoliating and softening effect on skin. Seaweed extract, vitamin C and orange essential oil can be found in Talika's reviving Serum. These properties clarify, tone and protect for firm, radiant skin. Body: Hand Treatments Ingredient: Vitamin C, Vitamin E Application Area: Hands