Talika Heated Eye Lash Curler

Talika Heated Eye Lash Curler
Item# Talika-Heated-Eye-Lash-Curler
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Product Description

In 15 seconds, Talika Heated Eyelash Curler doubles the curve of your eyelashes, intensifying your look.. You are irresistible!

Benefits : - A new cosmetic approach : guaranteed efficiency thanks to its controlled temperature system - A revolutionary and safe technology : gentle and controlled temperature - an attractive and modern design - A unique product on the market

How to use it ? 1 - Insert two AAA (1,5V) batteries by pressing down the sliding battery cover 2 - Push the lever upward to activate the unit, a blue light appears 3 - The temperature is automatically controlled by the electric microchip 4 - The red silicon pad changes to white when the curler is ready to be used 5 - Set eyelashes (free of any mascara) in place for 10/15 seconds depending on the degree of curliness desired 6 - Apply your mascara as usual