Tend Skin Lotion - 8 oz Bottle

Tend Skin Lotion - 8 oz Bottle
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Product Description

For use by men and women: on face, neck, bikini line, wherever ingrown hairs are a problem. Ingrown hairs form when hairs, growing back after shaving, waxing, electrolysis, or other hair removal method, fail to grow out of the skin (either because the hair is curly or because the exit is blocked by dead cell debris). The hair curls over inside the follicle under the skin, creating a foreign body reaction in the hair follicle. The inflammation thus caused in the follicle then creates an unsightly 'bump'. The exact means by which Tend Skin Lotion works (and it does work) is not completely understood. But it seems to casue an increased fluid pressure in the follicle which forces the hair to grow streight up, rather than sideways into the skin tissue. At the same time, it exfoliates and disinfects.

Uses 1. Reducing the appearance of: razor bumps ingrown hairs skin redness after all methods of hair removal necktie redness 2. Deodorant underarm or foot 3. Facials by estheticians after extraction procedures to reduce the appearance of skin bumps. At home for overnight exfoliation. 4. Ink removal from the Skin.